Join us for the opening reception of:

Without Context: New Works by Emily J Moore

Join us on Friday, October 26th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM at the UCO CHK Central Boathouse, located at 732 Riversport Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73129. This exhibition features new mixed media works created in 2018. In addition the the visual art, live jazz performances will take place during the reception. This event is free and open to the public.

Without Context Artist Statement:

The artist provided over three hundred questions and prompts to each subject. The subjects were asked to honestly answer a minimum of fifteen of the provided questions or prompts. The brevity or length of each response was up to the subject's discretion. In turn, the artist created work based on the subject using the information provided. The result is a visual representation of a portion of one person's identity.

The viewer has been provided access to the same questions and prompts, including statistic on how many questions were answered by each subject. However, the specific chosen questions and prompts, with the answers themselves, have been purposefully concealed from the public. Without Context, the paintings cannot reveal the significance or insignificance of the content portrayed. The viewer is left to challenge the assumptions they have made on the subject from limited information. The assumptions and reactions to the works are inherently faulty, revealing the viewer's own bias and the capacity for error as the human brain tries to, "fill in the blanks."

Once the viewer chooses to be aware of their personal bias they are freed to experience the world as a more thoughtful observer and intentional participant. The viewer can and should choose to fact check, ask critical questions, and interact with others in a more meaningful way through communication devoid of assumption and the goal of understanding.

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